We turn data into information.

What Geodata does


COVID-19 and its effects keep us breathless & busy. We fully aligned our daily actions with the protection of our employee´s & our partner´s health. At the same time we do everything necessary to maintain the highest level of availability. Our usual communication channels are fully open for you any time to discuss your inquiry!

GEODATA performs all surveying tasks for you in cavity construction as well as accompanying measurements on the surface, for slope stabilization and in special foundation engineering.

We turn data into information & make your decision safe

What Geodata does


Thanks to our decades of experience as a private and independent global company, we make a significant contribution to the safe and cost-efficient planning, construction, maintenance and renewal of infrastructure projects and mining operations.

We make your projects safe and economical.

What Geodata does


The precise acquisition of geometric and spatial information about plants, machines, components and products for industry and trade is guaranteed by our experienced staff and the use of state-of-the-art measuring systems.

We deliver customized, IT-based services.

What Geodata does


With our high level of development competence in the fields of electronics, mechanical manufacturing and IT as a full-range supplier of measuring instruments and systems and as an ISO 9001 certified company, we offer user-oriented complete solutions.


For more than 30 years, GEODATA has been active worldwide in infrastructure projects of all sizes. The resulting experience and the extensive competencies we have gaines enable us to support you in your daily work and help you with essential decision-making processes for a high-quality, secure and cost-optimized implementation of your projects.


In the field of industrial and plant surveying, our range of services extends from the documentation of complex plant sites and the preparation of exact as-built plans to construction and control surveying for conversions and new buildings and the precise installation of machinery. The determination of 3D coordinates for a rapid target/actual comparison of components is part of our production measurement technology.


Our geotechnical measuring instruments and surveying systems are adapted flexibly and tailor-made to your specific requirements. Our in-house production and the use of components and systems from proven manufacturers as well as user-oriented software packages from our own IT department enable us to offer efficient complete solutions according to the one-stop-shop principle.



We have an extensive portfolio of instruments for recording all geotechnically relevant parameters in soil, rock and building components. In addition to the delivery of the instruments, we also offer professional installation, measurement, data acquisition and evaluation of the results. For geodetic measurements, high-precision target marks and the necessary marking material are available.


A large number of innovative systems for automated data acquisition from sensor data to complete guidance systems for tunnel boring machines developed in-house set new standards in geotechnics and tunnel construction. We provide equipment from renowned manufacturers for carrying out sound and vibration measurements or borehole tests.


Our IT department is continuously developing our special software solutions for surveying and information management in close cooperation with experts and users. These software solutions have become a powerful tool for handling large-scale projects and have impressively proven themselves. We place a particular focus on the rapid implementation of customer requirements and the modular structure.

News & Events

Intergeo 2023

Expo October 10 – 12, 2023 Messe Berlin, Germany Hall 5.2, booth 5.026 We are looking forward to your visit! Detailed information about the event can be found here

New management for Geodata Informationstechnologie GmbH located in Graz

An essential part of our business are our software products for the information technology sector. Therefore, a sustainable and long-term focused structure and a future-oriented set-up of our Geodata …

Successful breakthrough during construction of the Vienna underground railway

On 16 August, the breakthrough was celebrated during the excavation of the running tunnel “T4” into the main shaft at Friedrich Schmidplatz in the construction lot U2/22-Rathaus. This construction …

Contract for surveying services for the 4-track extension of the Western Railway

The project section Marchtrenk-Wels is part of the four-track extension of the Western Railway between Vienna and Salzburg. The project section extends over a length of seven kilometres. In …

Management-Changes in the Industrial Surveying Department

A key aspect for the medium to long-term development of the Geodata Group is succession management. For us this means the sustainable filling of our key corporate positions and …

Geophysics Workshop at the EAGE-Conference 2023

Together with the University of Vienna and ETH Zurich, the geophysics department of GEODATA organized a workshop on “The Role of Near-Surface Geophysics and Engineering in Renewable Energies and …

General refurbishment of the tunnel chain between Inzersdorf and Schön

On Monday, 20 February, Asfinag will start the general refurbishment of the Upper Austrian A9 Pyhrn motorway between Inzersdorf-Kirchdorf and Klaus an der Pyhrnbahn. Until June 2025, four tunnels …

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