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Surveying during construction for industry & plant

GEODATA performs all the necessary staking out and set-up work in the required accuracies for surveying during construction from earthworks, concrete construction, steel construction and plant construction to mechanical engineering. 

Our trained employees perform the staking out with various measuring systems with the appropriate level of accuracy. After the construction and erection of the plant, we check and document the created position and thus ensure the quality of the entire construction process through the as-built documentation. 


Zellstoff Pöls AG - Paper machine

HPP Ybbs - Persenbeug

Description of services

When staking out the construction site, we transfer the three-dimensional coordinates of planned components or building objects into nature. The stakeout points are determined using various measuring systems, starting from reference points in the absolute reference system of the construction site, and marketed in a proper manner. A final redundant control measurement ensures the required reliability and accuracy of the staked points. 

In order to minimize the disturbance of the construction process, the position of the measuring instrument is usually chosen according to the principle of free stationing. This flexibility is enabled by creating a dense reference point field. 

The coordination to be staked out are processed by using a suitable specialist software and the results are documented and transferred in the form of staking out protocols and sketches. This is important as the staking out method depends on the required construction tolerance. 

Standard methods achieve accuracies in the mm range, in the case of plant measurement also in the range of 3/100 mm. 



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