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Worldwide competence and highest precision

The reliable provision of our services primarily targets industrial companies with complex production processes and plants that are being maintained, rebuilt or expanded. Heavy industry and mechanical engineering are a particular focus of our services.


Description of service

We create inventories to register and update the plant inventory. The measurement results serve as a basis for planning and the resulting presentation in plans, plant information systems and 3D-models. 

The staking out and control measurements are carried out during conversions and the construction of new buildings. In the course of these processes, machines and tools are positioned as well as precisely aligned, and they are calibrated and inspected for the quality assurance of the manufactured products. 

During operation, we perform all necessary control and monitoring measurements.

Customer benefits

A high degree of know-how and the combined use of proven and state-of-the-art technologies for 3D-measurement guarantee an efficient and economical execution of our customers’ orders. 

Our independence from manufacturers and construction companies enables us to control the contractors and suppliers involved across all trades and largely prevents interface problems.


  • Worldwide competence in project management
  • Specialist knowledge and experience to secure the plant geometry
  • Measurements during revamps or ongoing operation
  • Independence from manufacturers


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