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Highest precision and profile accuracy

Tunnel surveying plays an important role for the successful and economical excavation of underground cavities. Our services range from the actual tunnel excavation to the construction tolerances required and the creation of an optimal excavation profile up to various staking out works. These staking out works concern portal and pipe shield staking, niches, cross passages and the inner face.

GEODATA can also provide the necessary know-how as well as corresponding software and hardware resources for the production of vertical shafts, inclined shafts and coils. 


Gleinalmtunnel - full extension

Brenner base tunnel lot Wolf 1 & 2; H51


Construction surveying

For construction surveying in tunnels, points and axis-related data are marketed and signalled in order to guarantee the construction of corresponding structures (excavation, inner shell, drainages, boreholes, etc.).

The staking out work can either be carried out by our highly motivated personnel or, after a short training period, by the tunnel personnel with the help of motor lasers. 

In order to meet the high quality standards of tunnel constructions, we carry out extensive control and documentation measurements after the construction work has been completed. 

Tunneling control

In the course of the tunnel excavation and surveying, geodetic measurements and evaluations are continuously carried out in order to provide position and direction specifications for the construction work on the immediate working front.

Conventional tunneling

We use our classic motor laser system, which provides the signaling of axis-related laser points directly at the heading face and is used by the tunneling crews for various work steps such as arc points.

Our EUPALINOS software enables the evaluation and complete documentation of all geodetic tunneling measurements and the subsequent provision of the result in the form of tapping lists and sketches for alignment lasers or as control data for our motor laser.

This makes it possible for conventional tunneling to be carried out with an accuracy of a few millimeters to one centimeter while constantly maintaining a correct connection to the underground fixed-point field (tunneling network).

Mechanical tunneling

We use our proven guidance systems (TAUROS) to continuously record the spatial position and orientation of complex tunneling machines such as TBMs or roadheaders, compare them with their planned position and orientation in relation to the tunnel axis, and continuously display all data to the machine operator.

The guidance systems are installed on the machine and are permanently supervised in the course of the tunneling process (preassembled, serviced, checked, etc.).



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