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Everything from one source!
consulting - delivery-installation-commissioning

Every geotechnical measurement task has its own challenges. When selecting suitable instruments, the general conditions for the installation and acquisition of the measurement data must be taken into account in addition to the measured quantity, accuracy requirement and measurement frequency. We not only help you choose the right instrumentation but also offer a wide range of instruments from our own production or from well-known manufacturers. Due to our own mechanical and electronic production and development, we are able to react flexibly to customer requests and special challenges.

We offer complete solutions from a single source!


Metro Copenhagen

Semmering base tunnel

Built-in devices

Our products essentially cover the following application areas and types

  • for axial movements in boreholes: rod extensometer and probe extensometer
  • for lateral movements in boreholes and components: inclinometers and inclination sensors
  • for movements of joints and gaps: fissurometer and crack monitors
  • for movements in structures or on their surface: extensometers
  • for voltages and pressures in components, bulk materials and contact surfaces: earth and concrete pressure transmitters
  • for forces in boreholes or from anchors: measuring anchors and anchor load plates
  • for levels and water pressures: level measuring probes and piezometers
  • data acquisition

Portable readers

We also provide suitable reading devices for all offered instruments. These can also be rented if required.

Automatic data acquisition

Built-in devices which are not necessarily equipped with electrical sensors, such as extensometers, inclinometers or force plates, can be equipped or retrofitted with appropriate electrical sensors or probes if required (difficult accessibility or high measuring frequency). In addition to corresponding data loggers for storing the measurement data, systems are also available for acquisition and transmission in almost real time. Depending on availability and distance, data can be transmitted via LAN, WLAN, radio or mobile network. We also offer suitable software for evaluation, visualization and alarming.

Automatic measuring systems

The monitoring of cavity constructions, slope protections, excavations and buildings can be carried out with our automatic 3D_displacement measuring system GEOROBOT – even with large spatial extensions. The necessary accessories such as marking material, target marks, etc. are also produced in-house. The system can also be used as a 2D measuring system for settlement observation. With suitable surfaces (e.g. roads, paved surfaces), marking with target marks is not necessary and the measurement can be carried out without a reflector.

Please contact us if you need special applications and systems such as laser distance measurements or laser levelling with active targets – we will be happy to advise you!


Our expert staff will accompany you throughout the entire monitoring process. We advise you on the selection and planning of the measurement concept. We can completely take over the construction and installation of measuring systems or support you during critical phases. Our range of services also includes performing the measurement or training your personnel.



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