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In order to achieve the required breakthrough accuracy and construction tolerances in tunnel and cavity construction, well planned basic and tunnel networks are required. For creating high-precision networks, we use state-of-the-art methods and instruments. In addition to GPS measurements on the surface, we also carry out underground gyro measurements with the Gyromat 3000. Our experienced and well-trained staff greatly contributed to the completion of complex structures of all sizes and also takes over control and maintenance work after projects are completed.

HEPP Alto Maipo


Semmering base tunnel

Description of services

Even before construction work begins, GEODATA supports you in the implementation of basic networks. Our team pays particular attention to selecting suitable locations and the proper marking of the network points.

The measurement is carried out by our qualified personnel, who use state-of-the-art methods and materials (such as GNSS receivers or high-precision total stations).

In order to guarantee that the process of staking out and recording work (profile checks, scanner recordings, as-built documentation) runs smoothly and correctly, we also create basic networks for the new construction or renovation of cavity structures.

Tunneling nets are controlled with precise instruments including gyro measurements for azimuth determination and shaft plumbing. The polygon meshes are adapted to the respective framework conditions and can be carried out with measurements from tripods or mobile consoles. 


The measurements are evaluated and calculated with our powerful special software EUPALINOS, which also handles networks with large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. All calculations are recorded in formatted text files suitable for transfer. A visualization module allows the automatic graphical representation of a network plot with all statistical figures such as error and confidence ellipses with a freely definable scale. 

The expected breakdown error can be predicted mathematically before construction begins in order to plan enough time for additional surveying measures that may be necessary (gyro measurements, soundings, etc.).

User advantages

  • Minimization of the breakthrough error
  • Precise transfer of structures into nature avoids error costs
  • Complete range of services from a single source: planning, marking, measurement and evaluation




DI Josef Wagner CONTACT

Used Instruments, Systems & Software

Targets and marking material




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