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So that their your building won’t be shaken

Vibration measurements are an important part of preserving evidence in buildings under the influence of construction work such as blasting, driving bored piles or sheet piles as well as soil compaction. In industry, machines generate production-related vibrations that have an influence on surrounding objects. In everyday life, vibrations are caused by road and rail traffic. The aim of vibration measurements is to protect buildings from damage caused by these vibrations. They also serve as proof that construction measures have been carried out in accordance with standards and official decisions and can help assess and provide evidence in the event of damage.

The perception of sounds in the form of noise is subjective and depends on a number of factors. In general, however, it can be said that the perception of noise increases with volume. Noise can affect people’s health, and even low levels of exposure can have consequences for sleep disorders, stress and circulatory diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor noise sources and ensure that the permissible limit values are not exceeded.

Our services

We offer vibration and noise measurements as a service, whereby different types of devices are available. This allows an optimal adaptation to the conditions and the measuring program. The Vibras system with a central acquisition unit and up to 16 3-component geophones can be used for networks with limited spatial expansion and an easy-to-establish cable connection. The greatest flexibility with quick and easy transducer relocation is ensured by the Menhir and Syscom systems, where each geophone is equipped with a data transmission and storage function. Of course, the devices can be maintained remotely and are equipped with corresponding alarm functions.

Our measuring equipment for vibration measurements and the Norsonic sound level meters comply with all relevant standards and possess the necessary certificates for a legally impeccable preservation of evidence.


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