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DAMOS - Data Acquisition & Monitoring System

DAMOS is used for data acquisition and monitoring. The precise and user-friendly system is set up directly on the construction site and can collect and process data from all types of geotechnical sensors.

DAMOS provides all the components necessary for complete data acquisition and processing. The performance spectrum covers the most diverse types of sensors, cabling, but multiplexer interfaces, amplifiers, signal converters, microprocessors, bus interfaces, data transmission devices, an extensive data collection as well as evaluation and precision software are also system components of DAMOS.

System levels

DAMOS can be divided into four levels:

The sensor level consists of wired sensors (e.g. vibrating wire strain gauges, displacement transducers, force transducers etc.). Smart sensors with a digital interface can also be integrated.

The interface level contains components that convert sensor signals into predefined formats. DAMOS can control a total of 250 sensor interfaces.

The communication level connects the bus-based interfaces with a central computing unit. The connection is possible via cable, WLAN or radio.

The software level is used for collecting the measured values and storing the data in an SQL database.

The easy-to-understand user interface enables sensor and interface management, measured value correction and visualization of all data. In addition, all measurement data can be visualized, reports generated and alarms processed.


  • Execution of highly complex calculations that arise during the construction of underground infrastructure
  • Management and organization of relevant data
  • Extensive alarm function
  • User-friendly and clear menu structure
  • Numerous data interfaces (e.g. with data integration platform Kronos)
  • Control of total stations for fully automatic 3D monitoring
  • Various display and visualization options


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