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Inclinometers - a standard measurement method for detecting inclination changes

Inclinometers can be used to detect and document lateral deformations in boreholes, for example of embankments, slope stabilizers or excavation pits. Horizontal inclinometers are often used to detect subsidence in dams, fills or under structures.

The measuring equipment consists of measuring tubes with guide grooves, a mobile measuring probe with guide wheels, a measuring cable and a data acquisition device. For high measuring frequencies, reversible electrodes (IPI) are available for stationary use with automatic data acquisition.

Principle of operation

For the measurement, an inclination measuring tube is installed in the ground or component to be monitored. The inclination of the measuring tube is then measured using an inclinometer probe. The measurement usually begins at the deepest point of the borehole, where the probe, which is guided in grooves, is raised in 1/2 or 1 m steps. At the stopping points, the inclination of the probe is recorded in two main axes and transmitted to the evaluation device. In order to compensate for zero offsets, the probe is turned 180 degrees in a second measuring cycle. The compensation calculation is then carried out automatically.

Separate 1-axis probes are available for horizontal inclinometers.

In-Place Inclinometers (IPIs)

If continuous and automatic measurements of the inclination change are required or the use of portable devices is not possible, In-Place Inclinometers can be used.

They consist of individual measuring elements which are connected to each other in a chain-like manner and via ball joints. The entire sequence of the individual sensors is protected by piping and centered inside by spring-loaded rollers. Each sensor is equipped with a high-precision temperature-compensated MEMS accelerometer. The data is transmitted to a central acquisition unit via a bus cable. This makes it possible to install > 20 sensors in standard inclinometer tubes.

Our services

In addition to supplying measuring tubes, probes and IPI chains including data acquisition and evaluation software, our experienced measuring technicians are at your disposal for installation and servicing. Of course, we also offer measurement and evaluation services.



  • Recording of the complete displacement profile along a measuring chain 
  • Vertical or horizontal inclinometer electrodes are available in a uniaxial or biaxial design
  • Sturdy measuring tubes without sleeves with an outside diameter of 71 mm or 84 mm 
  • Automation of measurements  possible via IPIs 
  • Minimal cabling effort thanks to data bus cable (RS485 bus system) for IPIs
  • Combination with settlement measurements with vertical inclinometers possible

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