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Measuring device and full-fledged rock bolt in one

Measuring anchors are a combination of an extensometer and a fully grouted rock bolt. This instrument permits the determination of load distribution along the anchor and the force flow from the anchor into the rock. The measuring anchor is essential to evaluate the performance of rockanchors.
It is also an instrument for determining the optimal length of system anchoring.

Principle of operation

The measuring principle is similar to that of an extensometer, where the relative displacement between the head and a fixed point/anchor part is measured. The measuring anchor consists of a hollow rock bold anchor, with an integrated 1 to 4-point mini extensometer. Each measuring rod is fixed internally to different depths. By this way the displacement of the fixation points relative to the anchor head can be measured.

Tailor-made variants

In addition to the standard version with a nominal load of 250 kN, measuring anchors with a nominal load of 350 kN can be supplied as an option. The maximum number of measuring points is four (usually in the quarter points). The version with 4-fold displacement transducers is only possible with 250 kN anchors. As the anchors are delivered in one piece, the maximum length is usually 9 m for transport reasons, in exceptional cases 12 m.

Potentiometric sensors and vibrating wire transducers are available as displacement sensors. For design reasons, the latter are only possible for single measuring anchors.

Our services

We supply the complete measuring anchor in the desired design. Our technicians are also happy to carry out the installation on site. If an automatic measurement data acquisition is desired, we plan and deliver optimized solutions and accompany our customers until commissioning.


  • Simple and fast installation
  • Robust construction
  • Performs the function of a system anchor
  • Manual reading with a dial gauge
  • Remote reading and automatic data acquisition
    (1 – 4 point for 250 kN, single point for 350 kN)

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