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So that you have your components under control

Our many years of experience guarantee that our strain gauges and pressure cells deliver traceable measured values over the desired period of time. This group of instruments can be used for a variety of applications: Tunnel facing made of shotcrete, in situ concrete or with segment lining, piles or piers, foundations, embankment fillings or building pit reinforcements are just a few examples.

Strain gauges

Strain gauges are used to determine deformations caused by compressive or tensile stresses on steel construction elements or on/in concrete construction elements. We exclusively use sensors by the worldwide renowned manufacturer Geokon with Vibrating Wire (VW) technology for these applications. As shotcrete can absorb larger deformations than concrete, transducers with a measuring range of 10,000 µε are available. VW sensors are characterized by their long-term stability and loss-free signal transmission, even with long cable lengths. Depending on the application, many different types can be selected for installation in concrete or shotcrete, for dribbling instrumentation or for assembly on concrete or steel components.

Hydraulic pressure load cells

Pressure load cells are used to determine the stress within concrete or shotcrete elements, dams and embankments or at the contact surfaces between an embankment and the ground or the shotcrete lining and the rock. The data obtained this way provide information about the stress state within individual components or the forces prevailing at the contact surfaces between the different materials. We offer transducers with conventional pressure sensors or with VW technology. If there is a potential danger of falsification of the measured value due to shrinkage of the concrete, a version with a retensioning device can be selected. We will be happy to help you select a suitable sensor type.


  • Large selection of different sensor types

  • Suitable for long-term monitoring due to high long-term stability

  • Integrated temperature measurement for VW sensors

  • Automatic data acquisition possible

  • Advice on the selection of suitable instruments 


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