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Guidance system for tunnel heading machines

Tauros TBM is a guidance system for single and double shield tunnel heading machines.

The modular system consists of a hardware that is suitable for tunnels and a software that can be operated intuitively.

This machine position is stored in a database for further processing and documentation and displayed to the operator on a separate screen. This way, Tauros TBM enables an exact excavation along a given tunnel axis.

Performance characteristics

  • Automatic, precise determination of the TBM position
  • Continuous visualization of the current machine position
  • Graphic depiction of the temporal position progression
  • Parametrizable calculation of the correction curves
  • Display of the roll angle of the machine
  • Display of the operating status of the components of the guidance system
  • Software assistance for rebuilding the total stations
  • Connection to the respective machine PLC

Optional system expansion

  • Subsequent calculation of ring construction with ring construction protocol
  • Ring convergence measurement system
  • Automatic tailskin clearance measurement system
  • Ring evenness monitoring
  • Reports that are adaptable to customer requirements


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