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Eurostars DoTIS: Drone-based tunnel inspection system

Project description

Goal is the development of a modular system for drone-based tunnel inspection consisting of four parts: A new lightweight 360° laser scanner with highest accuracy will be designed and integrated into a novel UAV platform.

Further sensors and software enabling the calculation of a highly precise trajectory of the system will be developed. Finally, the data will be fused and integrated into a virtual reality based inspection system. Together, DoTIS enables an efficient, flexible, objective and digital monitoring of underground facilities such as tunnels, mines and shafts. The particular task of Geodata is to develop the point cloud data evaluation and 3D viewer software, and the VR visualisation system. 
The project is funded under the Eurostars programme of Eureka. 

Project consortium

Geodata ZT GmbH (AT)
AirRobot GmbH (DE)
Elaboratorium (ES)
Fraunhofer IPM (DE)

Project start: June 2020

Project end: May 2022


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