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Western bypass Pforzheim - Arlinger Tunnel

Project description

The construction project consists of the main tube, and a rescue tunnel to the east, as well as other substructures (four cross-passages, three operations centers, two breakdown bays, a fire-fighting water basin, an emergency basin). The length of the tunnel is 1,347.9 m. The rescue tunnel has a length of 1,077.3 m. In the area of the north and south portals, the first 50 m were built using the cut-and-cover method. The majority of the tunnel was built using the mining method (NATM). Temporary supports made of shotcrete, support arches, rock bolts and spiles were used. A total of around 330,000 m³ of excavated material was produced in this construction phase. For the construction of the actual tunnel structure (main tube & rescue tunnel incl. cross-passages), a closed water-impermeable inner shell made of reinforced concrete was produced.

Place: Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Client: Karlsruhe Regional Council

Commissioned by: ARGE Arlinger Tunnel (Östu Stettin/ Jäger Bau/ Reif)

Performance period: 2019 – 2023

GEODATA services:

We were commissioned with all surveying services on behalf of ARGE ATA. The scope of services included the entire construction and heading survey, the geotechnical measurements using 3D displacement measurements and the geotechnical instrumentation. Our TALOS motorized laser system and the EUPALINOS tunnel surveying software were used.


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