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Brenner Base Tunnel lot H41

Project description

The project area is one of the largest construction sections of the 64 km long Brenner Base Tunnel on the Austrian side. Starting from the Ahrental access tunnel, lot H41 Sillschlucht-Pfons comprises the construction of the main tunnels northwards to Innsbruck and southwards to Pfons. Around 5.7 km will be built using conventional construction methods and around 16.4 km using TBM tunnelling. The interior of the main tunnels, the Innsbruck emergency stop and the exploratory tunnel will also be completed.

Place: Tyrol; Austria

Client: BBT SE

Commissioned by: BBT SE

Performance period: since 2021

GEODATA services:

On behalf of the client, Geodata is responsible for the geotechnical measurements and 3D displacement measurements and tunnel scanner recordings. We were also commissioned with the instrumentation of measuring segments with vibrating wire strain gauges.


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