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Brenner base tunnel

Project description:

The tunnel is the centerpiece of the railway axis Verona -Munich and consists of two single-track tubes that run at a distance of 40-70 m and are connected with cross passages at intervals of 333 m. The tunnel is located in the middle of the railway axis Verona -Munich. In addition, a continuous exploratory tunnel will be constructed in the middle between the two main tunnel tubes. The BBT will have a total length of 64 km, making it the longest underground railway link in the world. In Innsbruck, the BBT will lead into the existing railway bypass. The new two-tube tunnel that is going to be built between Innsbruck and Franzensfeste will be 55 km long.

Further information can be found here

Location: Tyrol; Austria

Client: BBT

Commissioned by: Swietelsky (contract section Wolf 1 and 2)/Porr-Hinteregger-Condotte-Itinera (contract section Pfons – Brenner)

Performance period: 2013 – 2017 (Wolf) and 2018 (H51)

GEODATA services: 

  1. Wolf 1 and 2: Driving and construction surveying for the approx. 4.5 km access and exploration tunnels, branch cavern and landfill Padastertal.
  2. Pfons -Brenner (Lot H51): This largest construction phase comprises the construction of 37 km of main tunnel tubes between Pfons and the Brenner, around nine kilometers of exploratory tunnels and an emergency stop at St. Jodok. Geodata received the order for tunnel driving control and the supply of geotechnical instrumentation for a total of more than 30 km of TBM tunneling, 15 km of conventional tunneling, cross passages and the emergency stop.

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