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S18 Lake Constance Expressway

Project description

S 18 Bodensee Highway is an important connection between Austria and Switzerland in the Rhine Valley area. The designing phase of the project has to face several difficulties, where one of the major restrictions is the European nature conservation law due to the NATURA 2000 protected area in the area. Based on the feasibility study in the frame of the project “Mobil in Rheintal” two alignment alternatives are to be investigated in detail:

  • Alternative Z – a 7.5 km long road through a wetland including a tunnel under a Natura 2000 protected area
  • Alternative CP – an 8.6 kilometre long eastern bypass of Lustenau

Location: Vorarlberg; Austria


Performance Period: 2018 – 2019

GEODATA services:

We provide geophysical measurements that are incorporated into the overall geological investigation of the project. The sediments in the Rhine Valley, which have been pressed through the Ice Age, are investigated using two different geophysical methods. Up to a depth of 100 meters, seismic and geoelectic measurements can be used to draw conclusions about the given geology. The results of our geophysical measurements are compared with the existing drill cores and help to gain a better understanding of the regional geology.



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