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S 21 Lot 1A and 1B, Filder Tunnel & Tunnel Ober-/ Untertürkheim

Project description

Lot 1A
The 9.05 km long Filder Tunnel consists of two parallel single-track tubes and connects the southern end of the new underground station in Stuttgart with the Filder plain. The tunnel is divided into three parts:

  • The Upper Filder Tunnel was excavated using a shield machine in multi-mode.
  • The Middle Filder Tunnel was built over a length of 1.1 km through the Upper and Lower Bunter Marl using the NATM construction method.
  • The Lower Filder Tunnel, with a length of 4.1 km, crossed the anhydrite-bearing unleached gypsum keuper. For this, the TBM used had to be converted into an open shield machine.

Lot 1B
With its two parallel single-track tunnels, the Ober-/Untertürkheim feeder line will connect the southern exit of the new underground station with the existing line. The approach consists of a main tunnel that leads from the junction structure at the northern end of the Lower Filder Tunnel in an easterly direction to the Wangen junction structures. Shortly before Wangen is the Ulmer Straße intermediate access shaft, via which the main tunnel is excavated to the west and east to the Wangen branching structures. From Wangen, a section leads northwards, where it reaches the open construction method of the Untertürkheim construction pit after around 1 km. A second section leads from the Wangen junction to the south-east and ends after almost 1.4 km in the Obertürkheim excavation pit.

At the “Hauptbahnhof Süd” emergency access road, a 240 m long access tunnel leads directly into a complex branching structure, in which four tunnel tubes lead into two large double-track tunnels directly in front of the underground station. This section is located directly underneath densely built-up areas with overburdens of between 20 m and 55 m and was constructed with leading pillar tunnels.

Place: Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Client: DB Netz AG

Commissioned by: ARGE ATCOST21 (PORR / G. Hinteregger & Söhne / Östu-Stettin / Swietelsky Tunnelbau)

Performance period: 2012 – 2022

GEODATA services:

On behalf of ARGE ATCOST21, we were commissioned with all surveying services for this complex major construction project in a bidding consortium with Angermeier Ingenieure. The scope of services included the entire construction and heading survey including the network and control survey, gyro measurements, tunnel laser scanner recordings, geotechnical measurements using 3D displacement measurements, leveling and the supply and installation of geotechnical instrumentation with automatic data acquisition. In addition to our tried-and-tested EUPALINOS tunnel surveying software, our KRONOS data management system was also used.


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