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S7 Fürstenfelderschnellstraße Tunnel Rudersdorf

Project description

The S 7 Fürstenfelder Schnellstraße (expressway) will in future run from the Riegersdorf junction (A 2) via Fürstenfeld to the Hungarian state border at Heiligenkreuz. The approximately 3 km long construction lot 8 with 2 separate directional lanes consists of an approximately 1 km long open cut construction method, an 1.8 km long Rudersdorf mining tunnel and an 0.3 km long groundwater basin. The tunnel tubes are partially located in the groundwater. The two mined tubes are driven exclusively in soft ground. The geology is mainly composed of clays, silt, sands and gravel. Due to the difficult geological and hydrogeological conditions, the tunnelling work will be carried out in partial excavations.

Place: Styria, Burgenland; Austria


Performance period: 2018 – 2023

GEODATA services:

On behalf of the client, Geodata (in a JV) is responsible for the geotechnical measurements with 3D displacement measurements, tunnel scanner measurements and control surveying. A separate order was placed for sound level measurements.

The Geophysical Department was commissioned with a detailed areal estimation of the soil parameters (elastic modulus dyn and shear modulus dyn) by means of seismic measurements in the area of the fill or landfill surface. The result was delivered as a 3D distribution of the dynamic parameters.


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